When did bruce Lee invent Jeet Kune Do
It is generally understood that Lee coined the term Jeet Kune Do around 1962

Did Bruce Lee have schools where he taught
Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles

Did he have rank certificates he “gave” to students
Yes he did. He had a ranking system of levels 1 through 3, and other names at times.

Were Bruce Lee’s lessons free
Lee was well paid for his lessons sometimes as much as $1000 per hour, and of course you get what you pay for. Free martial arts lessons are worth exactly what you pay for them. So his lessons were not free, ever.

Why did Bruce Lee Charge so much for his lessons
Because he could. Lee charged $1000 per hour for his private lessons.

What is the difference in Original Jeet Kune Do that Lee taught and Jeet Kune Do Concepts
Original JKD is what Lee actually taught. Concepts are an offshoot that involve the Philippine martial arts mainly escrima.

Jeet Kune Do
I heard that Jeet Kune Do was not a style, but yet you call it a style, Why?
Bruce Lee was a man of contradictions and loved the philosophy of the martial arts and of life. He said many things to get you to think for yourself and not just limit yourself to what others have said. That being stated, Lee had a set list of techniques and curriculum that he taught at his three schools that he continued to modify and had a private training manual that listed the techniques and referred to JKD as a style. The Bruce Lee Estate, Foundation, and family have stated that “Jeet Kune Do is a style.”

Can I take several styles and put them together to make my own Jeet Kune Do
This has been done and it is called Jeet Kune Do Concepts

What makes up Jeet Kune Do
Combat modified Wing Chun Gung Fu, Boxing, French Fencing and Grappling in the final stages of JKD evolution

Did Bruce Lee do Jeet Kune Do in his movies
No he did mostly flashy moves from Tae Kwon Do he learned from his good friend Jhoon Rhee who brought TKD to the United States. And no TKD is not part of JKD.

Are there high kicks in Jeet Kune Do
No all kicks are low level. Lee referred to high kicks to the head like punching a man in the foot.

Is Jeet Kune Do a mixed martial art
We have heard JKD referred to as the first MMA. That being said MMA has no structure or foundation and those who train loose interest rapidly as there is no organizational learning. There must be a method to be learned not just a bunch of moves thrown together for an end. JKD is very organized an methodical as well as philosophical. So JKD as MMA, not really, but it could be considered the first actual use of mixed systems even though JKD’s use of other style techniques is so heavily modified that little remains of the former style’s intent.

If Bruce Lee would have lived longer would Jeet Kune Do have changed or evolved
Yes, as Lee changed JKD many times over his lifetime. Our guess is that he would have added more weapons.

Is Jeet Kune Do a complete art
Yes JKD is a well rounded martial art with three phases of learning if all original phases are included as we have done.

Jeet Kune Do Training with the WJKDF
What’s on the Online Streaming videos and DVD’s, and what are the rank requirements for testing:

The videos are setup to be like a private one on one lesson.

LEVEL 2 Who founded Jeet Kune Do? What is the definition of Jeet Kune Do? Natural Stance Jeet Kune Do Combat Stance Displacement/Shuffle footwork Lateral footwork Gung Fu Coordination Drill Cross Punching Drill (using focus pads) JKD Snap Punch Power Punch Basic Tan Sao Drill Basic Pak Sao Drill Basic Low Pak Sao Drill Front Snap Kick (Natural & Combat Stance) Basic Block & Kick Drill (with Front Snap Kick) Back Kick (on kicking shield) Basic Block & Counters 1-3

LEVEL 3 What year was Bruce Lee born? Forward Lunge Footwork with Eye Gouge Backhand Strike Double Punching Drill (left/right from JKD Stance) Side Kick Side Stomp Kick Burning Foot Side Kick Basic Block & Kick Drill (using side kick) Eye Flick Eye Gouge Eye Rake Front Thrust Kick (front & rear legs) Low Hook Kick to leg Oblique Kick to knee Bong Sao Block – moving application Basic Block & Counters (4-6

LEVEL 4 What are Jeet Kune Do’s base styles? Where was Bruce Lee born? Four Gate Blocking Drill Three Angle Front Kick Drill Flick Kick Hinge Blocking Drill Hanging Choke Combat demonstration of Hanging Choke Inverted Hook Kick Inverted Drill 3 Kicks Low Level Kicking Combination Low Level Kick Drill-Front Kick-Oblique-Hook-Side Stomp All Elbow Strikes with combat applications Basic Block & Counters (7-9

LEVEL 5 Definition of Chi Sao What physical impairment did Bruce Lee have? From what American boxer did Lee model JKD punches? Low Level Punching Ali Flick Punch Two Attack Maneuvers (from list) Knee Strikes (JKD Stance) Ten Kick Drill Basic Block & Counters (10-13 from list pg.30) Advanced Block & Counters (1-4 from list pg.32) Chi Sao Drill Fist Choke

LEVEL 6 Define Pak Sao, Tan Sao, Lop Sao, Bong Sao What year did Bruce Lee die? One Jointlock Drill & combat application One Takedown Drill & combat application One Breakhold One Weapon Defense Stomach Choke One Cross Energy Drill Spinning Back Kick with combat application Basic Block & Counters (14-17 from list pg.31) Advanced Block & Counters (5-8 from list pg.32) Combat Sparring

LEVEL 7 Did Bruce Lee ever lose a fight? If yes, who beat him? One Jointlock & combat application One Takedown & combat application One Breakhold One Weapon Defense One Cross Energy Drill One Attack Maneuver Three Lop Sao Drills All Kicks – Front, Hook, Side, Side Stomp, Burning Foot, Flick, Oblique, Inverted Hook, Thrust, Back, Spinning Back Basic Block & Counters (18-21 from list pg.31) Advanced Block & Counters (9-11

LEVEL 8 Name all of the books written by Bruce Lee What was Bruce Lee’s last movie? What did Bruce Lee do that infuriated the Chinese, and caused death threats to Lee? All Basic Block & Counters (pgs.30-31) Advanced Block & Counters (12-15 from list pg.33) Moving Kicking Drill One Jointlock One Takedown One Breakhold One Weapon Defense One Cross Energy Drill Combat Sparring

LEVEL 9 Concealed Stance Two Attack Maneuvers One Jointlock & combat application One Takedown & combat application One Weapon Defense One Breakhold Two Cross Energy Drills Three Jut Sao Drills Triple Kick Drill Three Lop Sao Drills Combat Sparring

LEVEL 10 Two Attack Maneuvers Three Lop Sao Drills One Inch Punch One Jointlock & combat One Takedown & combat One Breakhold One Weapon Defense Two Cross Energy Drills Advanced Block & Two Jut Sao Drills Combat Sparring

LEVEL 11 Demonstrate 12 Weapon Four followed up Four followed up Four of your choice Advanced Block & Counters All Basic Block & Counters All Attack Maneuvers One Cross Energy Drill Five Lop Sao Drills Four Jut Sao Drills Combat Sparring

LEVEL 12 All Basic Block & Counters (pgs.30-31) All Advanced Block & Counters (pgs.32-33) All Cross Energy Drills All Jut Sao Drills 14 Lop Sao Drills Three Weapon Defenses Three Jointlock combat applications Three Takedown combat applications Be able to answer questions on Jeet Kune Do Combat Sparring

Can I really learn JKD from a video
The DVD’s are setup to be just like a private lesson with you and the instructor. There is no difference in instruction in person or from DVD. When you test for rank progression you will be sent corrections and suggestions for improvement if needed via email direct from the World Jeet Kune Do Federation President as he is the only one who grades tests and approves rank certificates. DVD’s are easy to understand and you work out at your own pace

How many students have learned from the Videos
Many many thousands of students have trained and learned with our ground breaking teaching methods.

Ok, So i order your Online Streaming Videos or dvd’s and I have a question. What do I do
Just send us an email

How do I test for rank certificates
To learn Jeet Kune Do in our program. You order the Online Streaming Videos or DVD’s and practice what is taught. Each Video is setup to be just like a private lesson with Professor Hargrave President of the World Jeet Kune Do Federation. The Original JKD Training Manual follows along with each Video level and lists the rank requirements Level 2 (the first level, as level 1 is like a white belt) through Level 12.
Once you have the moves down that you have seen on the DVD, send us a video of you doing them just like in our Video and we grade them and contact you to let you know if you have passed the level test or what you need to work on. . There are no time limits as to how often you can test. Your skill level is all we are concerned with.

How much does it cost to test
Student rank testing fees with certificates Level 2-6 $50 each level, Level 7-8 $60 each level, 9-10 $80 each level, 11-12 $100 each level , Black Sash $400 for non instructors.

What format of test video do you accept
The video can be Youtube or similar platform, Dropbox or similar file sharing link,DVD, CD or ANY video file MPEG etc. We can also email you an upload link to drag and drop your video to us.

Where do I send the test video
World Jeet Kune Do Federation Headquarters, 8263 S. Yale Ave, #133, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136, USA, or we use online Drobox or Youtube links to transfer videos to and from the students. We then grade each one and contact you with the results on if you passed the test, or what you need to re do to pass and get your rank certificates.

Do I need a training partner
It is a requirement at some point that you have a partner to show us your jointlock maneuvers, takedowns, throws, and sparring moves. Your partner does not need any skill other than to be there for the block and counters and grappling moves. We have found that students progress much faster when two or more are working for the same goal and helping each other.

What do the certificates look like
You can see them on the store page.

Why is the World Jeet Kune Do Federation training program so much more successful than all other combined
Simply put, it works. No one sells more JKD training materials than we do, period. No one has trained more JKD students than us. We take pride in what we do, helping others.

Instructors and the WJKDF
Can I become an Instructor with the WJKDF
Yes you can train with us to become a teacher, or if you have training we can evaluate you for our certifications.

How I become an Instructor with the WJKDF
All of our full instructors must have current membership, a set of  Videos and the Original Jeet Kune Do Training Manual to make sure everyone teaches the original JKD system just like Bruce Lee at his three famous schools. You then send us a video of you doing the moves listed in the manual and demonstrated on the Videos and we grade you to the level of your skill. If you have little previous training in original JKD then you can progress up the rank levels 2-12, then full instructor. The first level to begin teaching that you can begin with is apprentice instructor trainee available to all. You will need a training partner and you should send videos of your tests. We may also customize your instructor test, and request video of the requirements being demonstrated.
That is how you become a certified instructor. If you have previous training and ranking in JKD then please send us scans of your certificates. All instructors must have a link with our logo towww.worldjkd.com or www.jeetkunedo.org, along with a statement in your bio that you are a supporter of the WJKDF, etc.

What does it cost to test for Instructor with the WJKDF
The first step is the apprentice trainee which is $75, then you test for the Apprentice $250, then Full Instructor $400, and for those who have been teaching real JKD for over 10 years you can contact us for master certification $700

Hey if I just order the certification online does that make me an Instructor with the WJKDF
No, you have to fulfill all of the training requirements before you get anything from us.

I have had training in JKD but I have no rank certificates because my teacher didn’t be live in rank certificates cab I become an Instructor with the WJKDF
Send us your information and we will verify it with them. Even with that information we may need to see you in action in person or via video of some sort.

I an not an Instructor with the WJKDF but will you list me on your instructor list because I see that you get four million hits on your list page and I want that advertisement for my school for free.
Thank you for your wanting to be a part of our list, you can get listed by clicking on the listing order button on the instructor listing page.