Stream videos or purchase DVD’s Rank Level 2 through 12. Your first DVD is Level 2

Videos are used by JKD Instructors and students. If you wish to become ranked in JKD, or an Instructor, you may begin 

in the long distance video training and rank certification program. These training video’s will get you in shape and defending yourself in the best selling JKD series in 
existence. Just order your streaming video’s or DVD’s at the same time you order your membership. This is 
the first and only JKD training program with a Streaming video for each and every rank level. 
Level 1 is like white belt or no experience, so your first level to test for is 
level 2. You will actually learn Jeet Kune Do just like if you were in one of 
our exclusive classes. Once you have the moves down, just send us as video 
Link or video file of you performing all of the required techniques 
with your training partner, and if you pass our requirements you will receive 
a beautiful authentic JKD rank certificate recognized worldwide. 

Video’s cover all 
rank material and are easy to understand. The JKD moves are performed in two to 
three different views so you see everything, and learn everything. Our goal was 
to make it just like our master instructor was there with you in person. No distractions, 
no long introductions, we get right down to JKD.